INOK TM is an experienced provider of integrated ship management services based on customer satisfaction.

Health protection, safety, quality and environmental protection are integral parts of our business philosophy.

INOK TM was founded in 2012 and grew from a small operator to an operational leader

and successful vessel Technical Management company in the shipping market.

Our main goal is to be the leading ship management operator and set

the standards that our customers wish and our competitors want to repeat.


INOK TM provides day-to-day technical, crewing, insurance consultancy and claims handling, vetting and quality management, new building supervision and consulting, purchasing and accounting services. For today under the management of the Company are 68 units of the fleet of various types and 10 units of new building supervision projects. Which is including Oil tankers, Chemical tankers, General cargo ship, Bulk carriers, Tugs, Barges (oil and general cargo) and special purpose vessels (Crane vessels).

We have developed and implemented an integrated management system (SMS) on ships and onshore divisions that meet the requirements chapter XI of the SOLAS Convention, the International Safety Management Code, the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, the ILO Maritime Labor Convention. We are striving to achieve the highest score for the TMSA. The Company is an official member of the International Association of Dry Cargo Ship Owners (INTERCARGO).

INOK TM is managed by a team of highly educated people who have extensive experience in maritime activities.

We are able to fulfil our goals through continuous improvement of business processes by implementing the requirements of SMS, TMSA and other standards.


Technical management was the first specialization of our company and we have great experience and quality in this kind of service.

Our Technical Department has a computer-based maintenance system for all vessels under our management. Each month the vessels receive a list of servicing, maintenance work, overhauls, etc. that are due to be carried out in the coming month. The vessels then report back at the end of each month. With this method, information and documentation of "work carried out" and status reports on machinery, hull and technical equipment is available for consumption by our company and the ship owners.

The Technical Department runs continual follow-ups checking due dates for certificates, surveys and equipment such as life raft services, pyrotechnic and fire protection equipment. Our computer-based system also offers optional reports at any time for vessels, office and third parties.

A full list of our marine services include:



Bulk cargo carriers:
  • Pola Atlantic
  • Pola Pacific
  • Pola Indian
  • Pola Ladoga
  • Pola Onega
  • Pola Uglich
  • Pola Murom
  • Pola Palekh
  • Pola Anisia
  • Pola Ilaria
  • Pola Devora
  • Pola Elisaveta

General cargo carriers:
  • Pola Augusta
  • Pola Sevastiana
  • Pola Makaria
  • Pola Filofeia
  • Pola Sofia
  • Pola Feodosia
Oil/combination tankers:
  • Balt Flot 1
  • Balt Flot 2
  • Balt Flot 3
  • Balt Flot 4
  • Balt Flot 5
  • Balt Flot 6

Oil tankers:
  • Balt Flot 11
  • Balt Flot 12

Oil/Chemical tankers:
  • Balt Flot 14
  • Balt Flot 15
  • Balt Flot 16
  • Balt Flot 17
  • Balt Flot 18
  • Balt Flot 19
  • Balt Flot 20
  • Volgar 21
  • Volgar 24
  • Volgar 29
  • Volgar 33
  • Ural 4
  • Ural 32
  • Ural 34
  • Cherepovetsy Metallurg
  • Stalnoy
  • Sirius
  • Vega
  • Altair
  • Toliman
  • OTA 953
  • RBT 51

Crane Vessel:
  • Luft 1
General Cargo Barge:
  • PT 82001
  • PT 82002
  • PT 82003
  • PT 82004
  • PT 82005
  • PT 82006
  • PT 82007
  • PT 82007
  • PT 82008
  • PT 82009
  • PT 82010
  • SPA 1
  • SPA 2

Oil Barge:
  • Belmax 1
  • Belmax 2
  • Belmax 3
  • Belmax 4
  • Belmax 5
  • Belmax 6


From the planning and construction until the handover to the owner.
Our exceptional team of naval architects, marine engineers and specialists
monitor the progress in the design, construction and delivery phases.
We have substantial experience, having successfully realized more than 25 newbuilding projects on the 8 shipyards
such as Qingshan Shipyard (China), Besiktas Shipyard (Turkey), Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard (Russia), Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard (Russia),
Zelenodolsk plant named after A.M. Gorky (Russia), Nevsky Shipyard (Russia), Amur Shipyard (Russia) and Okskaya Shipyard (Russia) .
We know which ship will best suit a particular client.



 NameShipyardTypeYear Built
1RSD 59_5 Krasnoe Sormovo General Cargo 2018
2RSD 59_1 Nevsky Shipyard General Cargo 2018
3RSD 59_2 Nevsky Shipyard General Cargo 2018
4RSD 59_3 Nevsky Shipyard General Cargo 2018
5RSD 59_4 Nevsky Shipyard General Cargo 2019
6RSD 59_5 Nevsky Shipyard General Cargo 2019
7Luft 2 Besiktas Shipyard Crane vessel 2018
8CNF 11_1 Amur Shipyard Cargo-passenger ferry 2020
9CNF 11_2 Amur Shipyard Cargo-passenger ferry 2020
10Belmax 7 Okskaya Shipyard Oil Barge 2018



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Fax +7 812 449 17 95

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Crewing Department:

Phone +7 812 449 17 91

Phone +7 812 449 17 92

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